Friday, October 8, 2010


So many definitions of that word float around our society today.

But let me tell you, these creative little girls are unconsciously masters of it. Childhood. The freedom, unconstrained by what is proper and right, to use whatever items you want to create your own little imaginative world, mimicking the world around you.

Cloth napkins and bandannas become beds for dolls.

So proud of what they have made.

Purely for your viewing pleasure, this picture is of Ruthie walking around in Anna's boots, carrying her backpack with her own creative flare and telling me over and over "I'm Grandma Jo! Lookit me! I'm Grandma Jo!" and laughing with delight at her own silliness.


Kim said...

Ah, Ruthie! One of Charlie's favorite things to do is walk around the house with a backpack full of "treasures" and a pair of someone else's shoes on his feet. He would have loved to play that game with Ruthie.

Jo Miller said...

Well, now I know what I look like!!! I really think I need to see a video of Ruthie saying that she is Grandma Jo! Fun times. Good job girls at making new things. I even recognize one of the bandanas and some of the napkins.
love you all, Grandma Jo