Friday, August 6, 2010

Tubing Boulder Creek with Nora

Nora came with us on an adventure to the library today, and, like any good adventure, this adventure involved water play. Tubing on Boulder Creek, to be exact.
Nora, relaxin' on the ride:And the not-so-relaxing part:

Perfect little girl sized tubing environs. The creek is low enough that at its deepest it was knee high on Nora. Not that the rest of her body didn't get wet. She's that kind of girl.

Taking turns in the tube:

Lots of big smiles:

Here's my cool picture of the day! On accident, of course.

Then Nora floated in the tube all the way home to our house from the library (almost, except for the parts I made her get out and walk around). I loved the huge grin on her face the whole way, and Anna running along the bank next to her cheering her on! Anna was jealous and says it's her turn next time. As long as the creek stays this low, Anna! We arrived home with one shivering, smiling Nora and three little munchkins talking all at once telling Michelle all about our adventure. Thanks for adventuring with us today, Nora!


Hashim Alhamad said...

Tubing is so much fun! And your cool picture of the day IS cool :)

akamilby said...

What a blast! Have you gone again with the girls? It's nice that the water gets low enough to tube, and that you found a tube! Fun times.

Michelle said...

There are a few things that are essential to Nora's existence. Among them: wild places, water, and friends who love her exactly for who she is. Imagine our joy to be able to give her all three of those things whenever we leave her to join in your family's day! Thanks to you and your beautiful girls for letting her be a part of life with you!