Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How Many Kids Fit on One Stroller?

Count them!
This is how moms get their exercise,
pushing a million kids around and around and around and around the courtyard.
Normally there are only three smiling little girls on this sit'n'stand stroller, but today we had courtyard company.
Does anybody find this picture a little odd?

Or this one?
Did you notice all the empty pools in the background? It only goes to prove that human beings are social creatures. Where one kid was, there they all were. It didn't matter if the pool they chose was a tiny one, the larger pool nearby would be empty. If one kid jumped up and ran, they all jumped up and ran screaming after. Quite the herd mentality. I love that kids don't have all the same hang-ups that adults have about personal space, they just want to be near each other, enjoy each other's company and laugh a lot.


Tyson said...

The next thing you know they will be squeezing in VW's and phone booths. Okay, maybe they will never even know what the latter are!

katie said...

He-he-he, that brought back some fun memories!

April said...

Looks like they had such an awesome time! What a great kid community you have going on. The girls will have wonderful memories for years to come!

akamilby said...

Now that is a lot of fun in the sun! I can't believe how many kids can fit in a small space--and with such big grins too!