Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Is Torture!

We have new bikes in the house and nobody has been able to go for a bike ride!
Rain, illness (me) and a lack of time (Mitch has a gazillion final projects due this week) are keeping us off our sweet new bikes.
I did take mine for a spin around the courtyard when I first brought it home:

For all the biking I've done in my life (six months riding all over the country with my hubby, 24 hour rides...) I had never actually even been on a road bike before this week. Just an old mountain bike actually sized for my tall sister that I had put road slick tires on and rode almost everyday, everywhere. Now I know what I've been missing! Look at that bike! And at that grin on my face:) Mitch decided that for his graduation he wanted to get me a bike. He found this one on Craigslist and we went and got it last week. FELT 86, my size (52), aluminum frame, one sweet bike! It felt so tight and fast riding it! Thank you, Mitch. You do know what your wife loves!

Mitch also got a new bike for graduation from his parents. He might have to tell you more about it because I won't be able to do it justice. This bike is the top of the line. Specialized Tarmac S-Works, if that means anything to you. It was a demo bike ( top of the line rental) at our favorite bike shop here, has very few miles on it, had a full tune-up before and after each time it was used, is the 2008 model, and because it was a demo bike from a previous year it was half-off. One incredibly nice bike that was actually in the price range Mitch was looking in! Carbon frame, dura-ace components (this is what professional racers use), you can lift this bike with your pinky finger. You should see the grin on Mitch's face!

Now if only we could go for a ride together!


Lindy said...

What a great way to celebrate graduation. My hubby got me a laptop when he was done with grad school. It was a great "thanks for sticking with me" gift. Enjoy the rides!

Jo Miller said...

Wow, imagine how you will do on the Agony with a road bike. You set the record on a mountain bike. Pray you will be feeling better soon. I am typing this on my brand new computer.
love you all,

April said...

Awesome! You guys can ride in style!

becky said...

yay! I am so excited for you both! Katie, I can't wait for you to get to try out your bike-the difference on a road bike is so fun! I just got all my flat tires fixed and am ready to start riding too, if only the weather would cooperate a little. :)

Chad Clement said...

I hope you both have "top of the line" bike helmets too! Sounds like you will be moving at warp speeds after upgrading from mountain bikes. I sure hope you'll have time to spend on them once school is out. Fun stuff!