Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Picnic

We had a blustery day here as we celebrated Resurrection Sunday, one of the highlights of our year (you can read some of Mitch's reflections on what Easter means to us here).

The weather seemed to match my mood on this day as it oscillated between dark clouds, snow, and blustery, warm sunshine. The fullness of what it means to me to be human, feeling all the emotions of living daily life on this planet. The joy and hope of Christ's resurrection defining how we seek to live our lives today. The reality of a husband finally getting home at 4:30 in the morning, swamped with work, exhausted, stressed. Three precious, sweet girls with bright, expectant eyes, trusting, loving, knowing, laughing, living in the present moment of this beautiful life we have. Me, taking it all in, struggling to let go of the things I cannot control, feeling the depth of my thankfulness for all that I have been given, loving the now and hating the now, knowing that now is all I have and yet living in the knowledge and hope of what is yet to come, remaining connected and in love with every member of my family. Daily life.

After church our friends the Cuthbertsons came over and we celebrated Resurrection Sunday with them, laughing, feasting, soaking up sunshine, loving on little girls, watching the antics of big kids flying in the wind and making kites, celebrating as one big family.

Ruthie in her Easter outfit playing with an Easter egg:
Josie wanted to show you her egg:

Anna working hard to peel hers:

Does she seem bigger to you? All grown up and cute as a button:

Nora and Ruthie, forever friends:

Josie and Nora running in the wind. These two are a good match for each other:

The colorful picnic spread:

The younger generation served their plates first and found a spot on the picnic blankets:

Then we joined them:
Here's wishing your Easter, too, was full of real life, good times with friends, smiles and laughter, sunshine and not too many dark clouds that keep us grounded in our own humanity.

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Michelle said...

Thanks for posting the photos, Katie. I would love to have a copy of them--you could email them or I can get them onto my thumb drive sometime when I'm over. The one of Nora and Ruthie makes me realize how similar Nora looks to both Josie and Ruthie, sometimes. Our girls have such open, expressive faces! And so many blue eyes between them...