Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September Is...

Lots of playdates with new found friends.
Hammock time!
 Sunny and warm, relaxing, playing in the backyard.
Lots of home time after a busy summer.
Hiking in the mountains with friends.
Beautiful colors, glowing Aspen trees.

Pausing.  Smelling.  Looking. Touching.  Enjoying. 
Soaking in every moment, every little detail.
Watching for moose.
 How many pink hats would you expect to see on one hike?

Recording sights and sounds, thoughts and colors, animals and observations, in pictures and in words:

 And at home once more, there's always more climbing:)  Ruthie is attempting to get on the roof of the house, which, I have since found out, she can do.  I stopped her as she was starting to snake her way up onto the actual roof. 
The days of the girls in this house have been filled with sun and outdoor activity, friends new and old.
And I walk beside them, in and out of their play, guiding, directing, spotting, helping with new things, channeling the settling of disputes, watching, slowing down the pace as we slip into Fall so there is time in their lives to settle down, to feel grounded in place and time, to truly engage in the activity at hand and the people we are present with.  My own work weaves in and out of that barrage of activity as Warming Center work begins again, FEEDs in the park continue, the daily life of HOME settles around me in laundry, food, preserving the bounty of the late summer apples and grapes that fell into our hands, dishes, snuggles, biking back and forth to school, reading out loud, grounding the life of our home and attempting to remember to pause every now and then to make sure I am watching the changing of the season.

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Jo Miller said...

September is:
a long time ago.
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