Monday, January 9, 2012

Ice Skating

Classic wintertime. Sliding around on ice.

You can tell from their faces that these girls love it! And it can get a bit chilly. How many layers do you think Anna is wearing in this picture?

It was fun to skate together but these girls actually did better when they weren't holding my hand.

Ruthie's even tried it twice now and was getting considerably better by her second day. She could make it most of the way down the rink on her own before falling, with Mom spotting close behind ready to catch her before her head slammed into the ice.

Racing along! One of their favorite games on the ice was having me time how long it took them to get around. It wasn't very precise fun, mind you, since the time depended more on the route they took, how close to the rail they stayed and how many people happened to get in their way than whether or not they actually went faster that time. They But don't tell them!

Josie says "I love skating! I like it a lot and a lot and a lot! I like swinging around the corners with Mommy. I like going fast. I like falling and then sliding on my knees. "

Anna says: "I had hockey skates on. I like them. I went really, really fast."

Ruthie: "I was just cold there."

Poor Ruthie. She was so patient. Even the day that she did skate she was done way before her sisters were ready to be done skating. If you're not skating then being outside for that many hours does get chilly. By the time Daddy took her home the last day she was done, and cold. And that's the last thing she remembers. Mostly we had fun playing around the rink while Anna and Josie skated, special Mommy and Ruthie time. We had a place that was our 'house', I was the 'big kid', as Ruthie called me (as in "Hey big kid, come over here!") and Ruthie was my Mommy.

I took a bunch of videos of the girls skating as well. Some of them are a bit chopped since they have to be under 24 seconds for them to be a small enough file to post here. If you don't get enough of these girls skating in these videos and for some reason you want to see more then skype with me. We figured out how to show our desktop while skyping instead of the video stream of us from the webcam, so I can play the video on my computer and you can see it. Technology these days!

A video of all of us skating Day 1:

Anna, Day 1:

Josie, Day 1:

Anna says she wants to be an ice skating ballerina when she grows up (otherwise known as a figure skater). Day 2, practicing spins:

More of Anna's practice spins, Day 2:

Anna and Josie racing the clock around the rink (they hate racing each other, they just want to know how long it takes them personally), Day 2 (Part 1):

Part 2:

This is one of the only videos I got of Ruthie since most of her time on skates I was spotting her. She actually got to where she could go quite a significant way down the rink before falling, and if I was with her she didn't stay near the rail.

Anna making a lap around on her hockey skates, Day 3 (Part 1):

Part 2:


Hashim Alhamad said...

This looks like a lot of fun you guys! I remember skating on the rink a couple of times.

The girls seem to really get the hang of it. I like Anna's spins as well :)

Hope you all are doing well!

akamilby said...

We had to fax some taxes on Thursday night, so we stopped by the store after hours, and it took a while. My kids were tired, so Caroline sat on my lap and I read her your blog. We watched every ice skating video, and she loved them all! That's some good ice skating, and Ruthie's balance is impressive! Thanks for sharing with us.