Thursday, December 22, 2011

Graham Cracker Houses!

Nothing compares to classic wintertime fun.

Short days, cold and snow outside, warmth, laughter and fun inside.

Making Graham Cracker houses was a first for our girls this year. I'm not brave enough to try real gingerbread houses, we'll save that endeavour for next year. Maybe we'll make gingerbread cookies today, that's a little less intimidating. (It's a snow day here! Even Mitch gets to stay at home today! Foot and a half of snow on the ground and still falling, the girls think it looks like heaven outside.)

Thanks to my sister's advice, we made our frosting thick and it held even the roof up well, although Josie's snow covered roof wasn't built to code for that kind of load, according to Mitch, and needed some buttresses to hold it together until the frosting dried.Mitch: "You've got some good glue there, Josie!"

Josie: "It's frosting, Dad!!!"

Precision and accuracy, precision and accuracy.

The world is a very literal place to a 4 year old:)

Unique creativity at work:

Ruthie enjoyed just piling more candy on:


Josie's- symmetrical and even (I love the name always written from right to left these days):

Anna's- Flamboyant and expansive, complete with an enclosed backyard and an ice skating rink on the side:

Ruthie's: definitely 3, "Mom, stop helping me! If you want to do some then you can make your own!"

I hope you all are finding ways to make this Christmas season special in your own homes. We are tucking in and enjoying how the cold outside brings us together inside.


akamilby said...

Yeah for graham cracker houses! Good family fun, and yummy too! Did I tell you that I put making the houses in their advent calendar? I did, and I hadn't yet bought any candy, so I suggested to Trace and Will that maybe we could just decorate with dried beans. They agreed that I was the meanest mom ever (and on the phone Becky agreed), so we bought candy:) Apparently the eating it is the point. I like to decorate, so it was fine with me! Hahaha!
I love how unique each house is! Beautiful! Maybe one day I'll get around to posting the pictures I took of our houses:)

Sarah said...

So fun!!! We have to do this--is the frosting just whipping cream and powdered sugar? Yay!!

katie said...

Holly, I'm still laughing about the beans:) BEANS??!! That's one of the funniest things I've ever heard!
Sarah, I actually made regular frosting with butter (3/4 c), powdered sugar (2 lbs), milk (1/4 c), and vanilla (1 tsp). I think you can do it with just straight heavy whipping cream and powdered sugar. I was going for thick and adding the butter sounded thicker, although I guess it would just get thicker with a higher powdered sugar lower cream ratio. We still added some buttressess to the houses when the snowy roof went on, so maybe it doesn't matter. Have fun! Are you enjoying all our snow?!

Sarah said...

Thanks Katie! We will have to do that soon...yes, the snow is so great! What a great storm..especially since we have no travel plans this week! ;-)