Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two-Wheelin' Josie

That's right folks! Josie can ride a two wheel bike "All by myself with no help from Mommy or Daddy!" as she says. She is such a tenacious, determined little girl. It didn't bother her to be off balance at all as she was learning, she intuitively corrected each wobble from the very beginning and peddled through until she was balanced again, up onto the grass, through the snow, she just kept going! I just can't believe that I have a three year old who is riding a bike! Way to go, Josie!


I have to say, I am quite sold on the concept of a balance bike. We made Josie's training wheel bike a 'balance bike' for her a while ago (just took the training wheels off, a real balance bike doesn't even have any peddles) and encouraged her to practice all she wanted just 'riding' around with her feet on the ground. They pick up the balance of a bike so well that way, and it's a lot less work for mom and dad when they are ready to learn. About a week ago I started helping her ride and she just took off! Pretty exciting for this Mom and Dad (and Josie was pretty excited herself, I must say!).

Here's one more video if you want to see more:)


Congratulations, Josie! Welcome to the world of cyclists!


akamilby said...

Good job Josie Joy! I like watching you. I like your helmet. I love watching your videos. --Caroline

I'm impressed Miss Josie! Good job bike riding. That is hard work, and you do it well! --Aunt Holly

becky said...

wow! way to go josie joy! That is some speedy riding. I am really impressed that you can go over obstacles like the grass, corners, and bumps and even stop all without without crashing! how fun!

Hashim Alhamad said...

Great job Josie :)

Jo Miller said...

So proud of you Miss Josie Joy. You never gave up but just kept trying and trying until you did it. That will help you do anything you want to do. I also enjoyed watching your forward roll on Skype. Have fun riding round and round and round. I go for walks round and round this lovely hilly block. So beautiful.
Blessings, Grandma Jo

Chad Clement said...
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Chad Clement said...

Amazing! What can't the kid do?! Get that kid started on finding a cure for cancer or solving world hunger! :)

Michael and Jeanette said...

YEA Josie!!!! That is pretty amazing and you are so fast!!! I think you have sold me on the balance bike as well!-Jeanette

akamilby said...

p.s. I love it when you blog:)