Friday, September 24, 2010

Exploring Wildness

Come on a walk with us!We live so close to spaces that are wild.

These girls love to see, with fresh eyes, the incredible intricacy of the beauty that is around us.

They love to walk through it, be surrounded by it.

Explore it freely.

Feel it under their feet.

Hug it.
Learn the balance of their body.

Embrace the wildness around them with all of who they are.

Can you see where our house is?

So close, and yet we felt so far from the environment of sidewalks, mown grass and playground equipment that actually surrounds our home. All fun in their own time, but important to leave, as well.

What do you hear, Anna? What do you see?

Where will this trail lead? Let's find out!

Run across the bridge! What do you see in the water flowing beneath your feet?

Ruthie, the fearless leader.

We're in a fort made of trees! That one is the chimney!

Look at where we are! Three fearsome mountain lions, stopping along the trail.


Jo Miller said...

yeah for exploring! if you were here the girls would have a fort in the middle of the banana trees in my backyard. I liked the lions, in fact, it is now my desktop background. thanks for posting it so large. I can really see those scary faces now that it is taking up the whole computer screen. I love to explore in the mountains and I think that you have three little mountain goats.
love you all,


Michael and Jeanette said...

It is always nice to leave what is known and enter where you get to explore and be imaginative. I think you do that well even when you are in known places. Thanks for sharing on your exciting adventures!! Makes me want to come and be apart of the fun!

Hashim Alhamad said...

I miss Boulder and how you always end up in a beautiful place no mater where you go. There are so many places to explore in Boulder.

It is nice to see the girls enjoying the outside before Boulder shows its other face (misty, snowy and cold) in the winter time ;)